One LIFE. One BULLET. One MINUTE. One... HUNDRED enemies!


Typical top-down shooter controls, but the twist is that you need to collect the bouncing "bullet" after shooting it. Other than that, all the mechanics are pretty straightforward. Don't run out of time, get a highscore, and have FUN!


This is my first game jam. I spent around 16 hours building this game, since I only had Friday night and Sunday morning to work on it. I think I did alright.

I do have one released game under my belt: Ballistic Tanks which is on Steam. But I have zero programming knowledge so I use the Construct 2 engine which is really easy for noobs like me.

This game, Only One Minute, will be in active development and might be releasing it for free/cheap on Steam in the future. So please give me some more feedback!

Thanks for checking out the game! :)


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